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Aerotrade is a multi business company and, with it's associated partners, can provide you with excellent services to comply with your demands. In the past few years, Aerotrade has had the opportunity to work with prospective customers from different airlines, repair stations and overhaul shops in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Your inquiries are our highest concern and we will respond immediately. You can contact us via our mailing address, fax or website.

  1. Send your letter of intent. Explain briefly what you want us to do for you. Please be specific in any products or parts you want to order.

  2. If you do not have a representative to meet with us (depending on your order, meetings and follow-up may be required) please mention in your letter of intent that you agree to authorize Aerotrade to act on behalf of your company to negotiate the deal between both parties. If you agree and accept the proposed deal, Aerotrade will sign the contract and ship your merchandise, engine, component, module, hardware or even a single part.

  3. An Aerotrade associated attorney will handle the case and follow up on the rules regarding the letter of credit and the transaction of merchandise, especially trading with foreign countries accordingly.

Aerotrade would always appreciate hearing from you.

Contact Information


555 house road RENLY, 27407


Jamal E Eldawi

Manager & QC Inspector
Email: jeldawi1944@hotmail.com
Phone:(336) 253-6906

Al-Hadi M Margan

Manager Avionics Consultant
Public Relation Rep.
Phone: (919) 348-6580

Francis E Iniekpo

Manager Marketing
Email: francis@femagroup.com
Phone: (210) 609-8039