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Aerotrade's quality philosophy is derived from the pioneers of quality, "quality is never an accident, it is always the successful achievement of intelligent efforts."

Aerotrade quality control and quality assurance always work together to ensure the seamless implementation of quality satisfaction and the strategy of Aerotrade Company; always to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and specifications regarding aircraft, engines, components and accessories, while simultaneously following FAA regulation requirements. We monitor our quality performance closely through an extensive monthly quality report that monitors both customer and internal quality matrix. In response to these numbers, Aerotrade creates a corrective action for every nonconformance reported by customers and implements a corrective and/or preventative action to help ensure that it doesn't occur again.

Aerotrade is continuously improving and striving for higher standards of effectiveness in their quality control/quality assurance system. Aerotrade quality control systems include level three NDT experts.

Aerotrade is committed to customer satisfaction by delivering quality aircraft services that meet all manufacturer and FAA requirements and exceeds customer expectations.

Contact Information


555 house road RENLY, 27407


Jamal E Eldawi

Manager & QC Inspector
Email: jeldawi1944@hotmail.com
Phone:(336) 253-6906

Al-Hadi M Margan

Manager Avionics Consultant
Public Relation Rep.
Phone: (919) 348-6580

Francis E Iniekpo

Manager Marketing
Email: francis@femagroup.com
Phone: (210) 609-8039